James’ passion for the class came across in his teaching!

Jennifer H. Bodyworker 23/11/2017

James is probably the best manual therapy teacher I’ve ever been around - really appreciate the kindness and humour infused onto his intelligent expression and explanations of anatomy and movement. This class has provided an opportunity to look at movement and anatomy in a completely different way that is exciting and illuminating.

Anon - Chicago 23/10/2017

For me, this course has answered many questions I had in my mind for many years. It helps me a lot in the treatment of my patients and understanding ‘functional treatment’.

Santiago A. Physiotherapist 23/09/2017

James has a very engaging personality that takes the stress out of the learning experience. The material was wonderfully thought provoking. James is an excellent teacher and presents material in a way that can be understood on many levels. I loved that James was available too fielding questions and receptive to his audience and able to adjust as needed.

Mary Ann H. Bodyworker 23/09/2017

I loved James’ teaching style and easygoing way to allow us to investigate and improve.

Anon Chicago 23/09/2017

James is a brilliant teacher! The class was over my expectation. After taking Walking the Lines, this class (AFR) gave more details for my practice.

Dagmar Z. Bodyworker 23/09/2017

The workshop was amazing.

Fiona W. Bodyworker 23/03/2016

Thank you very much James. The course, both content and delivery was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt really lucky that I got to share your knowledge and experience and have a much greater understanding of foot mechanics and gait.

Delma R. Bodyworker 23/03/2016

I can't believe it's a week since walking the lines. My brain has been "all systems go!" all week processing all the information, making sense of so many things I didn't understand about my own problems and those of my family and friends and all of the people I teach. I had just finished reading your book before the course, but you brought it all alive; you held us all spellbound for 3 days! I am usually mentally drained after intensive courses, but I felt energised and excited at the finish and have felt the same all week. You are a wonderful teacher!

Sue R. Movement Teacher 23/02/2016

I used almost all the interventions when I got back to work on Thursday last week! The techniques works. I’m grateful to have attended your workshop and I would really like to study some more with you because AFR is so applicable to my modality.

Je-an S. L. Movement teacher 23/09/2015